2019 to August

I’ve written a number of articles and a book on two of my favourite non-musical subjects this year - Theology and Philosophy, if that doesn’t sound too heavy and boring! I’ve also managed to complete a hefty book of crosswords in my spare time, which I think was a Christmas present from my Mum I’ve had lying around for ages… Musically, though, I’m doing some research into a big Requiem piece I aim to start writing soon (currently listening to some of the greats by Mozart, Brahms, Fauré and Britten etc.). I have lost a couple of good friends recently and wanted to compose something in their memory. I have also been learning some more Jazz techniques at the piano and I’m not sure if it’s appropriate, but I might end up incorporating some of the interesting harmonies and scales I found along the way? I’ll let you know how I get on and where it ends up regards website publishing and so on.