2019 to August  

I’ve written a number of articles and a book on two of my favourite non-musical subjects this year - Theology and Philosophy, if that doesn’t sound too heavy and boring! I’ve also managed to complete a hefty book of crosswords in my spare time, which I think was a Christmas present from my Mum I’ve had lying around for ages… Musically, though, I’m doing some research into a big Requiem piece I aim to start writing soon (currently listening to some of the greats by Mozart, Brahms, Fauré and Britten etc.). I have lost a couple of good friends recently and wanted to compose something in their memory. I have also been learning some more Jazz techniques at the piano and I’m not sure if it’s appropriate, but I might end up incorporating some of the interesting harmonies and scales I found along the way? I’ll let you know how I get on and where it ends up regards website publishing and so on. 

'Blackbirds' final release, new tracks added! 

'Blackbirds' is now released in its entirety with new tracks 'Eile' and 'Comme voler au fond des bois'. These two tracks are a bit 'chalk and cheese', one being created in Logic and the other in Ableton Live (guess which if you like!). I used a MIDI wind controller on 'Comme voler...' and it is intended to go with moving images as a kind of short audio scene filler. It was inspired by some music by Erik Satie and I had some help with the title from a French friend of mine who goes to the same gym as me... 

What I’ve been doing 2017/18… 

Finally finished my book last December, with a few edits at the beginning of this year, but it hasn’t been published (yet…?). Had a very busy and productive 2017, though not all musically related, and I intend to finish off some loose ends this year. Have got a mountain of books and poetry to read and write in 2018 and will do my best to complete my new album ‘Blackbirds’. Feel like after my hiatus I am ready to write some more music!

Here’s a more recent picture of the studio - note the new artwork (not just a Tim Slatter etching) and ANOTHER controller - spot the difference!



I have had a bit of a change of direction this year as I have been working more and more in a research job for the NHS. I am still writing though and aiming to release another album in 2017! There are also a few changes to the website - hope you enjoy them…


Have had a clear-out recently in the studio. Sold my Yamaha Digital Piano and bought a small controller keyboard.


Have added a new Blog feature (see above).  The older posts below are now archived here as well:


So far this year I have written a couple of songs using my new 'live' set-up, which you can listen to (and buy?) from the music player in the footer of this website. As you will see from the Gear page, I have added a few things to my studio! I am still playing piano with Annie, which I am really enjoying, with a view to a public performance later this year... I sang with St. Leonard's choir again at Easter and am booked in to sing and play at the Flower Festival weekend as well. 


This year I have written some more songs for ReverbNation - they are also the first songs on the site-wide player! Also, for your information, Avid have 'finally' updated Scorch (and Sibelius to 7.5, which I am lucky to have now). I have also added another SoundCloud account to the Homepage, which now replaces the Myspace link there - I wanted to avoid any problems with listening (on tablets and mobile devices) to the music I recorded with Annie. However, the links on other sections of this site will still direct you to the old Myspace account but it only seems to work if you want to listen on your computer. I would welcome feedback if anyone has any issues with playback on their own systems! I have also just received some music to learn for the Easter service at St. Leonard's. I sang at Easter in the end and also at a Confirmation on 11.5.14. Have finished (as of 11.7.14) my 'English Mass' (hopefully Herbert Howells won't turn in his grave!) There is also another piece (added 28.11.14) called 'Good day, my Lord' - see Score Exchange  for both these pieces. I will be singing again at Christmas for the local church and the Midnight Mass as well. 


I have been busy so far this year with writing: I have added some new material to the playlist on this site (at bottom of pages). I am also currently adding new pieces to Score Exchange  and am working on a Mass, which will hopefully be ready soon! By the way, Score Exchange are in the process of updating their procedures for viewing and downloading scores: as I understand, they will be replacing the Scorch 'system' with one where viewers can do both with 'pdf' files ... I have continued with St. Leonard's choir and played piano with Annie during the Flower Festival. I also provided the music at Cross Way URC church in Seaford on 3rd November and am now working towards the Christmas evensong at St. Leonard's where one of my pieces is being performed. 


Continued working with Annie. We performed at a wedding fair in February and have done some more recordings for Myspace (Daniel and Annie). I performed with St.Leonard's choir for the Jubilee Service and am currently preparing for a concert (me at the piano and Annie singing) on 1 July (St.Leonard's, Seaford). I am also having organ lessons - I have joined the 'augmented' choir of St.Leonard's as payment! Annie and I performed once more on 7th October at St.Andrew's, Alfriston. I am currently learning new repertoire and rehearsing for a Carol Service with the augmented choir on 23rd December (6.00pm). Also managed to fit in singing at a wedding on the 22nd December!


Still writing! I have completed some new scores (on Score Exchange ). You can listen to mp3s of these scores (only using MIDI sounds at the moment, I'm afraid). Please be aware you need 'Scorch' to preview these scores as notation (can be downloaded for free from the Sibelius site but only available in 32-bit mode at the moment so please check your browser compatibility). I have also written some more instrumental tracks for ReverbNation (which you can access too from the Home Page). Concert band finally ended for me with a 'whimper' as T.S.Eliot would say.

I have been working for a lot of this year as an accompanist to a fine singer called Annie Lorys. We have been working on recording some Classical/'Jazz' pieces in a professional studio where possible. You can listen to these on Myspace too.

As of 1.12.11 I have also been rehearsing with the choir of St.Leonard's Seaford as a Bass for the Christmas Carol Service (18.12.11 at 6.00pm).


I had a very 'healthy' Christmas (I actually managed to go to the gym) and then continued with job hunting in the new year. I continued playing for the university's wind band and hoped this would become a regular fixture! I have written a number of new songs and ringtones and even some serious stuff this year. Now in the second year of playing with concert band, I am looking forward to a concert with them in December! Some royalties have started to appear from my album/EP 'Musikology' and I have also done some teaching locally.


I completed my MA in Music course at Sussex University this year and added some new tracks to the site, which had been started years before but never finished. Started to look for work as well and tied up a few loose ends (musically speaking).


This year I decided to take some time out between finishing my BA with the Open University and starting an MA in Music at Sussex University. I took a short course in Web Design with the Home Learning College and completed a previous incarnation of this site for assessment purposes. I felt that I should overhaul the site - it seemed to be a bit of a mess as things had moved on! I had a plan to write a kind of autobiography in the summer, but abandoned this because I thought the subject matter was a bit too risky. This year seemed to go so quickly! I had two shows in April and nearly had a nervous breakdown. Later, in November I had two gigs during my first term at Sussex and 'christened' a new stage piano. I also had a showing for a film, which I made at university. Christmas and the New Year came and went.