Daniel started playing piano at 7, then took lessons in clarinet and viola (he eventually gave up viola due to lack of talent). He also sang in his school's church choir and music society but became disillusioned because he wanted to play Jazz and nobody else did - that was unfortunate, really!

After leaving school he tried various jobs for a few years, then decided 'to become a musician' at the late age of 28. Daniel enrolled in the Academy of Contemporary Music (ACM) in Guildford and completed a Diploma in Music Production there. When he left he did some peripatetic teaching after selling all his gear (apart from the digital piano) and concentrated on developing his songwriting skills. 

After a short break, Daniel then embarked on a BA course with The Open University and was also awarded an interim Diploma in Music in 2005. Having played in local bars and for the British Legion amongst other things, in and around Seaford, he also sang with a local choir (Seaford Choral Society). Daniel was also involved for some time as a pianist/accompanist with an amateur dramatics and singing group, which finally performed in April 2008.

Daniel then enrolled on an MA in Music in 2008-09 and played piano at a few events whilst studying (mainly private functions). Some of his composing for film work was shown in Brighton, East Sussex, whilst he was a student as well - he completed the course in September 2009. Since then he has been doing varied music-related work and started playing clarinet in the Sussex University wind band (after completing his studies!) which he performed with on various occasions from 9.12.09. After that were the usual Christmas parties in Seaford and his piano playing came in handy again.

Since then (2010-2019) he has continued with his music and released five albums of Electronica and done some accompanying as well as singing. He has also written some more conventionally notated scores.